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Pawsitively Connected: Where Pet Lovers Unite in the Online Realm of Tail-Wagging Tales and Expert Advice


Pet Contest

Unleash the Stars: Where Pets Shine Bright in the Online Limelight! 🌟🐾 #PetStarContest or "Bark, Click, Win: Where Every Pet is a Star in the Online Spotlight!"

Case Study

Case Study

Cracking the Code of Care: Veterinary Case Studies, Where Every Patient's Journey Unravels the Art of Precise Diagnoses.

Veterinary forum

PrathamVet Forum: Where Expertise Meets Enthusiasm – Join the Conversation, Share Insights, and Paw-sitively Elevate Your Veterinary Knowledge.

Search for new pets/farm animals

Tailored Connections, Healthy Transactions: Buy and Sell Pets and Farm Animals Seamlessly with the PrathamVet App – Where Every Exchange Nurtures Happy Homes!

About Us

We are an Indo-Swedish startup comprising well-qualified veterinary doctors, management professionals, and tech experts. Our mission is to deliver value-added, high-quality veterinary treatment and services to both pet owners and animal husbandry farmers.

What We Offer

We provide app-based, real-time veterinary treatment and related services to enhance accessibility for pet owners and farmers, facilitating seamless connections with qualified doctors and service providers. Our platform aims to bridge the gap between pet owners, farmers, and veterinary experts.

Our Aims

  1. Make veterinary health and services accessible at your fingertips.
  2. Facilitate access to specialist doctors from across India and Europe.
  3. Create opportunities for registered pet breeders and farmers to buy and sell their pets and animals in nearby locations across India.
  4. Provide a dating platform for your beloved pets to find companionship in your vicinity.
  5. Introduce new knowledge and innovations in the field of veterinary medicine and animal husbandry from Europe to India.
  6. Establish an appropriate stage and forum for doctors to collaborate, exchange professional expertise, and elevate veterinary services to the next level.
  7. Contribute a portion of our earnings to research and development in the field of animal health and welfare.

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